International Work

We live in a global digital world. No matter where children live, we believe they deserve to be safe online and that international cooperation is key.

5Rights Foundation is committed to sharing its knowledge and educating others determined to create the safe digital world that children deserve. We have developed a series of educational materials and guidelines for any interested audience, including legislators, regulators and tech companies - co-created with children, academics and engineers - to drive new and innovative ways to protect children in the digital world. An example of this is the Age-Appropriate Design Code. 5Rights Founder Baroness Beeban Kidron introduced The Age-Appropriate Design Code which UK legislators adopted into UK law in 2020. The AADC has inspired legislators and policy makers around the world, including in Australia, Indonesia, the EU, Canada, Argentina and California, which in 2022 adopted its own AADC.

Our Founder and Chair of the Board of Trustees Baroness Beeban Kidron is an internationally recognised expert in children’s online safety. She is a Commissioner for UNESCO's Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development; sits on MIT Media Lab and IEEE’s Council on Extended Intelligence and is a member of the Advisory Council for University of Oxford’s Institute for Ethics in AI. Over the last decade, she has been to over thirty countries to raise awareness of these issues, educate and advise on her main areas of interest: data law, children’s rights, and safety by design.