About 5Rights Foundation

There are over one billion children and young people online. Each day, another 170,000 go online for the first time.

The digital world was never imagined as an environment in which childhood would take place. It was invented by adults, for adults and designed with the idea that all users are equal. But if all users are treated equally, then children and young people are treated as adults.

5Rights Foundation exists to make systemic changes to the digital world to ensure it caters for children and young people, by design and default.

We advocate for enforceable regulation and international agreements that allow children and young people to thrive online. We develop technical standards and protocols with engineers and colleagues around the world to help businesses reshape and redesign their digital services with children and young people in mind.  We publish and lead across our four priority areas: Design of Service, Child Online Protection, Children and Young People's Rights, and Data Literacy.

Our vision
A digital world fit for children and young people, that they can access creatively, knowledgably, and fearlessly.

Our mission
We fight for systemic change that ensures the digital world caters for children and young people by design and default.

Our demands are simple. Companies must design services that anticipate children and young people by design and default. Policymakers must ensure that their rights are upheld both on and offline. Children and young people must be empowered to navigate the digital world creatively, knowledgably and fearlessly.


Our annual reports can be found here.