5Rights' response to the Online Safety Bill

31 March 2022

Five years in the making, the Online Safety Bill is a major piece of legislation that has the power to transform the digital world as we know it by establishing a new regulatory framework to tackle online harms. On 17 March 2022, the Bill was brought to Parliament.

5Rights welcomes the publication of the Online Safety Bill and the opportunity it presents to deliver systemic change on behalf of UK children. However, we are disappointed that the government has accepted fewer than half of the Joint Committee’s recommendations and that the Bill does not reflect the calls of the children’s sector to provide children with holistic, binding and urgent protections.

To learn more:

  • Read our Online Safety Bill briefing here to see how we think the Bill must be amended if it is to deliver on the government’s promise of protecting children and making the UK the “safest place in the world to be online.”
  • Read our in-depth analysis of the Online Safety Bill here