Consortium for School Networking’s Annual Conference, Washington

In March 2018, Baroness Kidron travelled to Washington to speak at the CoSN/UNESCO Symposium on Educating for Digital Citizenship alongside Professor Fernando Reimers of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. This was just one of a series of events that addressed the question of children’s rights and citizenship online.

The conference brought together privacy professionals and educators who shared concern about data privacy for young people.  In formal workshops and in the cafes and corridors of the conference, the urgent need for standards of data protection for young people was discussed.  

The event confirmed that 5Rights’ passion for age appropriate design, that respects the rights and differing needs of children, is shared and reflected by others from across the globe, including in Norway, India, Australia, Singapore, Australia, France and the US.

“Global citizenship is about helping kids understand the world in which they live… Bringing education to the core through teaching and learning” – Professor Fernando Reimers, Harvard Graduate School of Education