5Rights Foundation Newsletter: July 2024

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Incoming UK government must commit to implementing and enforcing children’s rights online

Today, voters in the UK will be going to the polls to determine the next government. Echoing peers including our Chair Baroness Kidron, we call on all parties to commit to the implementation and enforcement of established law as well as to tackling emerging challenges such as AI and education technology. Based on the manifestos, the main parties have shown a promising start that we look forward to supporting.

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Eurochild will drive a holistic approach to child rights online

At Eurochild Convention 2024, 5Rights continued to build CSO capacity on digital issues across the continent, while the EU network committed to an ongoing push for the implementation of all children’s rights online in the incoming legislature.

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Spain advances privacy-preserving solution for age verification

We welcome rights-respecting solutions that can encourage age appropriate experiences for children online, and call for a robust regulatory framework for age assurance systems using best practices & industry standards.

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Digital world “in need of repair”, children tell us

Children’s concerns, views and ideas underpin all of our work. Phones in schools, education technology and online gaming are some of the latest topics young people have talked to us about. They are excited about tech but want their needs & rights respected.

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5Rights set to launch youth voice podcast series

Mark your calendars: on 25 July 5Rights will launch the inaugural episode of our youth voice podcast. Children and young people take centre stage to discuss with experts, thought leaders and decision-makers what a safer, rights-respecting digital world is.

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We welcome Canada’s draft initiatives for online privacy & safety

Legislation on the table for privacy and online safety in Canada has the potential to ensure Canadian children benefit from the highest global standards for their protection and empowerment online. The bills should align with international best practices.

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DFC on EdTech and the impact of enforcement action

The joint LSE and 5Rights Digital Futures for Children research centre has recently published two reports on EdTech. One looks at international action calling out EdTech, and the other on improvements to privacy for children in education.

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Surgeon General calls for a warning label on social media platforms

While American citizens await legislative action for corporate responsibility, the U.S. Surgeon General is calling for warning labels on social media to alert to the fact that the services are “associated with significant mental health harms for adolescents”.

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Research, Reports, and Findings

🗺️ “The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness” details how the rise of smartphones and the decline in free play has deteriorated the mental health of adolescents in many countries around the world. Jonathan Haidt

🗺️ “Towards digital safety by design for children” provides a clear explanation of the theory and practice of safety by design in the digital environment at a national and international level. OECD

Upcoming Events

💻 Where does online safety go from here?
9th July 2024 16:30 to 18:00 (BST)
- Online. Register

Samaritans is hosting expert speakers in an online webinar to discuss the impact of regulation and what more is needed to make the internet a safer space for those experiencing self-harm and suicide.

🌍 Transform Africa Summit 2024
28-30th August 2024
- Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. More info

Leading global and regional figures from government, business and international organisations will meet to discuss how to coordinate Africa’s digital revolution positively and sustainably.

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