UNCRC general comment on children’s rights in relation to the digital environment

UNCRC Online Consultation Open: Submit before May 15 2019 (NB. This consultation is now closed)

5Rights Foundation is supporting the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to develop a general comment on children’s rights and the digital environment.

This is groundbreaking and will set a new international standard for children’s rights in a digital world. It is necessary and timely, as children grow up in an increasingly connected world where technology has critically significant impacts on their lives.

The general comment will clarify how digital technologies affect the full range of children’s rights in positive and negative ways. It will set out what governments should do to protect, respect and realise children’s rights online, and clarify the roles and responsibilities of business, parents, educators and children themselves.

Among other issues, the general comment will explore: access to information and freedom of expression; education and digital literacy; assembly, culture, leisure and play; privacy, identity and data-processing; protection from violence, sexual exploitation and other harms; the family environment, parenting and alternative care; and health and wellbeing.

With the guidance of prominent global experts including Sonia Livingstone, Gerison Lansdown and Amanda Third, the Committee will develop the General Comment over the course of the next year.

To see how you can get involved, download our UNCRC Information Sheet.