Safer Internet Day 2023: 5Rights Foundation partners with the Gifted Young Generation to launch a global conversation series, bringing young voices into the heart of the online safety debate

This Safer Internet Day, 5Rights’ Foundation and Gifted Young Generation (GYG) are partnering to launch a new project which will harness the voices of children and young people around the world to create a better digital world.

The two organisations will collaborate on bringing together expert and youth voices through a series of six global conversations that showcase young peoples’ knowledge and vision for how to design an online world that can allow young people to thrive.

The series will convene meetings between experts and youth from North America and Africa to Asia and Latin America as well as Europe and Australia.   

Gifted Young Generation (GYG) is a youth service based in Gravesham, Kent, designed to help young people develop skills for their futures, create friendships and support young people’s mental health and wellbeing. GYG provides essential services such as one-to-one counselling service, peer support groups, and runs youth clubs across the borough, activities in schools, singing workshops, cooking classes and a podcast.

“Youth voice has always been key to the work we do. To give young people the chance to be heard and for them to talk directly to organisations such as advocacy groups, charities, policy makers is something we at GYG are passionate about.

Joining forces with 5Rights Foundation provides young people from the UK and internationally a chance to influence positive changes, to make a difference to the lives of other young people who do not have an opportunity to speak-out and to create an environment where young people views and lives are respected.”

Jackie Coupar, Youth Work Manager for Gifted Young Generation (GYG)

The 5Rights and GYG partnership will strengthen the voice of civil society within the global online safety debate and ensure that children’s voices from all corners of the globe are influential in policy and decision making. 5Rights Foundation is determined to further incorporate young people’s views into all workstreams of the organisation and for GYG this partnership will open opportunities to impact digital policy through 5Rights’ advocacy work. 

“Over the years, 5Rights and Gifted Young Generation have built an extraordinarily close relationship. It is now the logical next steps to formalise this into a partnership that puts young people in the driving seat.

I am never tired of hearing young people’s ideas, creativity, and suggestions for a better digital world. Through this partnership we will empower young people, and ensure their voices enter the discussions affecting them.”

Baroness Beeban Kidron, Founder of 5Rights Foundation

In joining forces with GYG, 5Rights Foundation is continuing its mission of creating a better world for young people everywhere, online and offline — giving them a platform to shape their future and make positive changes in the world around them.