Insights from Data Literacy workshops with young people

From February to July, 5Rights ran five Data Literacy workshops in partnership with design agency, Snook, for young people aged 11-15 in London. The workshops encouraged young people to debate and discuss issues around online privacy, bullying, and oversharing: and to use their new-found knowledge and understanding to consider, create and re-design their digital environments.

Our workshops confirmed something we have consistently found while working alongside young people: They want a say. The 5Rights Commissioners suggested that young people need their own newspaper, “The voice of children: the rights of the new generation.”

This newspaper is a product of their work over the six months. It compiles articles from activities in each of the workshops: uncovering potential biases in datasets and profiles; learning just how much data collection is permitted by terms and conditions of their favourite social media and gaming platforms; debating the price of a good reputation; designing and re-designing services and apps; and visiting Sky studios, BBC blue room, and Parliament to call for technology and its’ creators to consider their rights and experiences online.

We are very grateful to all the young people who participated in the workshops, what they have shared will help us to make a better digital world.

Read the Digital Times, or email us if you would like a copy.