Council on Extended Intelligence Publish ‘The Case for Extended Intelligence’

In February, the Council on Extended Intelligence (CXI) published ‘The Case for Extended Intelligence: Technological Advancement in Service of People and Planet’, which represents the first manifestation of their work.

CXI was formally launched in June 2018, uniting IEEE Standards Association and the MIT Media Lab in a common vision: that all systems must be responsibly created to best utilise science and technology for social good and ethical progress. Their mission: to “proliferate the ideals of responsible participant design, data agency, and metrics of economic prosperity, prioritizing people and the planet over profit and productivity.”

‘The Case for Extended Intelligence’ features the insights from CXI’s Project Teams and Membership, including representatives from EU Parliament, UK House of Lords and global thought leaders from academia and business, including Katryna Dow, John C. Havens, Baroness Kidron, and Andre Uhl, and the report frames how CXI initially believes Extended Intelligence can be fully realised, measured and evaluated.

The report is published as a request for input (RFI) and CXI welcome contributions. At the end of each section, there are questions and a link to their master survey.

Read and contribute to the report here.