California Privacy Committee votes 10-0 to support Kids Code

22 April 2022

On Tuesday, the California State Assembly’s Privacy and Consumer Protection committee voted 10-0 in support of the California Age Appropriate Design Code (AADC).

This vote is only the first step of many through the Assembly, but the Bill is attracting bipartisan support in Silicon Valley’s home State and beyond, in advance of the next votes later in May. The list of supportive organisations is growing and can be viewed on

5Rights Foundation wants to congratulate Buffy Wicks (Democrat) and Jordan Cunningham (Republican), who authored and champion this the Code for children in California.Modelled on the UK Age Appropriate Design Code (AADC), this Bill would force companies to consider children’s safety and protection in the design of any digital services that children in California are likely to access, affording them the protections that UK kids already enjoy and every child deserves.

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