Rwanda reconceives child online protection

5Rights, in partnership with the University of East London, the Government of Rwanda, and the University of Rwanda, created a Child Online Protection Policy and Five-Year Implementation Plan for Rwanda.

Rwanda has set its sights on being a connected nation: as digital emerges as the new norm in the way a society operates, Rwanda aims to be front and centre of that change. However, child online protection is something that all nations struggle with equally. The Policy was an opportunity for Rwanda to conceive child online protection in a dynamic and changing technological world.

Digital technology does not have one responsible stakeholder, it has many. From governments, regulators, international institutions and the enforcement community, to civil society, business, the tech sector, academia, teachers, families, parents and even children themselves, the authors of the report call on all stakeholders to play their part.

5Rights are delighted to announce that the Policy was formally adopted by the Government of Rwanda’s cabinet in June 2019. This represents a step-change for the children of Rwanda: investing in children’s safety, is investing in the future.

The report outlines the Rwanda context, the Child Online Protection Policy and five-year Implementation Plan, and a list of further resources.

Read the report here.

“The Policy and its high-level implementation plan offer an exemplar for any nation considering Child Online Protection” – Professor Julia Davidson, University of East London