5Rights joins Peace Day pledge against Cyber Violence

5Rights Foundation is proud to support Peace One Day and the campaign to reduce Cyber Violence in all its forms.

Peace One Day

Peace One Day was founded in 1999 to be an annual day of global unity. It encourages organisations and individuals to reduce violence at home, in the workplace, at school, in communities and towards the environment.

This year, Peace One Day is campaigning to highlight the impact of Cyber Violence, specifically to decrease hate speech, bullying, ridicule and racism online.

5Rights shares the ambition of Peace One Day and works toward a digital world that is fit for childhood by design and default.

Baroness Beeban Kidron, Founder and Chair, 5Rights Foundation, said:

“Children and young people cannot navigate the digital world creatively and fearlessly if they are battling against hate speech, sexual abuse, exploitation, and bullying online. We support Peace One Day in its campaign to tackle cyber violence.”

Jay Harman, Policy Lead, 5Rights Foundation, said:

“The terms and conditions and community guidelines of most online services already prohibit much cyber violence, but internet companies routinely fail to uphold them. So, in supporting Peace One Day’s campaign, we also call on governments around the world to create effective and enforceable legislation that forces companies to do as they promise and fulfil their obligations to children and young people.”

For more information about Peace One Day’s Cyber Non-Violence Campaign, see here.