5Rights Foundation launches Twisted Toys

Imagine if traditional toys carried the same harms for children as the digital world. A teddy bear that collects and sells their personal data, a walkie talkie that connects children to adult strangers, or a night light that is designed to keep them awake. This is the reality of the digital world’s effect on children. Twisted Toys brings this reality to life.

Each Twisted Toy represents a different aspect of the exploitation, surveillance and danger that children face online.

We do not accept this anywhere else. We must not accept it online. 

Watch the Twisted Toys commercials

Twisted Toys is being supported by many likeminded organisations, individuals, and lawmakers across the globe. Please join us to support the call that the tech industry be held to the same set of standards that we hold every other industry – to stop kids being exploited.

Baroness Beeban Kidron, Chair of 5Rights Foundation said: 

“We don’t allow a child to be served a drink in a bar, we don’t allow a shopkeeper to sell them a knife or cigarettes, we don’t allow parents to keep them out of education, and we don’t target them with diets, pornography or encourage them to commit acts of self-harm. All apps and digital services likely to be accessed by children should be safe-by-design - backed up by law and no child should have their data taken for commercial purposes.”

5Rights – Twisted Toys campaign

We do not accept it anywhere else. We must not accept it online.

  • The digital world impacts every area of children’s lives, but still, they remain unprotected. Children deserve protections for their safety and wellbeing.
  • Routinely exploitative, sometimes dangerous, products and services used in education, health, games and apps must be safe for children by design and default
  • Parents cannot tackle this alone; they need lawmakers to act.

Twisted Toys is provocative and humorous but makes abundantly clear that the harms that children face online are real, routine and dangerous. The tech sector must be subject to the same rules and restrictions as all other sectors.

**We call on lawmakers across the globe to impose mandatory safety, privacy and consumer protections - by design - on all digital products that impact on children. **

Watch the Twisted Toys commercials

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