5Rights Foundation adds new Executive Director to its growing team

  • New Executive Director, Nick Martlew, appointed to lead 5Rights’ team in developing standard-setting policy and proposals, and turning them into a reality for children and young people in the UK and internationally.
  • Policy team grows under leadership of Izzy Wick, 5Rights Director of UK Policy, with the appointment of Duncan McCann, formerly at New Economics Foundation, as Head of Policy Implementation.

Amid increasing recognition that the online world is not designed with children and young people in mind, 5Rights’ mission to build the digital world that children and young people deserve has become more relevant than ever. 5Rights is bolstering its team to meet the growing demand for radical change. 

Nick Martlew joins as Executive Director with over fifteen years of experience in policy development, campaigns, and leadership. He helped set up and run Digital Action, and was Crisis Action’s UK Director. Nick has previously worked with Oxfam and Save the Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, the Middle East, and the UK.  

“This is such an important and exciting time for 5Rights. Their pioneering work is truly setting the standard for children and young people’s experiences online, in the UK and increasingly internationally. It will be fantastic to work with the extraordinary 5Rights team to shape the digital world that current and future generations deserve.” – Nick Martlew, Executive Director, 5Rights 

“I am delighted to welcome Nick to 5Rights. He brings a wealth of experience in leading teams to deliver policy breakthroughs, ranging from national government decisions to UN Security Council Resolutions. Critical developments are taking place across the globe in the area of digital regulation, and we must ensure that children are not forgotten. I am excited to have Nick lead the team here in the UK and internationally.” – Baroness Beeban Kidron, Chair, 5Rights

This follows the promotion of Izzy Wick earlier this year to Director of UK Policy. Izzy joined 5Rights from the Civil Service where she specialised in digital service design and user-centred policy making. She has also worked in the charity sector, and volunteers as a support worker for a criminal justice charity.

The team is complemented by the arrival of Duncan McCann as Head of Policy Implementation. Previously at the New Economics Foundation, he led the Digital Economy Programme there. Duncan has a legal background as well as a decade working in the tech industry for Cisco Systems.

About 5Rights Foundation

5Rights develops new policy, creates innovative frameworks, develops technical standards, publishes research, challenges received narratives and ensures that children’s rights and needs are recognised and prioritised in the digital world. While 5Rights works exclusively on behalf of and with children and young people under 18, our solutions and strategies are relevant to many other communities.

Our focus is on implementable change and our work is cited and used widely around the world. We work with governments, inter-governmental institutions, professional associations, academics, businesses, and children, so that digital products and services can impact positively on the lived experiences of young people.