Research Fellow to Develop a Compliance Assessment Tool

5Rights Foundation is looking for an experienced individual with a background in digital policy, children's rights, data protection, or related fields to undertake a 6-month fellowship aimed at developing a tool for monitoring and assessing compliance with children’s digital safety and privacy regulations.

This is an exceptional opportunity for someone with strong analytical skills, who is looking to make a difference in the realm of children’s rights and digital policies. Candidates should be prepared to work flexible hours across different time zones. If this describes you then please get in touch!

About 5Rights

5Rights Foundation exists to ensure a digital world that will serve children and young people today and for future generations.

We are a small team of senior professionals and experts delivering change in how the digital world works. We have shifted the narrative and the agenda through provocative comms campaigns (e.g. Twisted Toys), pioneering research (e.g. Pathways) and award-winning tools (e.g. Child Online Safety Toolkit). We continue to drive real-life change thanks to an outstanding track-record of delivering legislation (e.g. Californian Age Appropriate Design Code), policy and regulatory frameworks (e.g. UNCRC General comment No. 25), and industry standards (e.g. IEEE 2089).

The 5Rights Foundation has been instrumental in shaping the discourse and regulatory standards concerning children’s safety and privacy online. Following the enactment of significant legislation such as the Age Appropriate Design Code (AADC) and Online Safety Act (OSA) in the UK and the Digital Services Act (DSA) in the EU, there is a critical need to ensure these laws are implemented and enforced effectively. The foundation seeks to appoint a fellow to develop a robust framework for ongoing monitoring and compliance assessment of companies impacting children’s digital experiences in these regions.

We are looking for a Research Fellow

To develop a comprehensive Microsoft Excel database (or similar) framework for the systematic monitoring and compliance assessment of digital services, with a focus on protecting children's privacy and safety online in accordance with the AADC, OSA, and DSA.

Scope of Work

The appointed fellow will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing existing research and mapping digital features and functionalities affecting children (including potential mitigating measures) against key legal provisions of the AADC, OSA, and DSA, including justifications and case studies.
  • Developing a prototype weighting system for flagging systemic breaches.
  • Delivering resources to drive compliance and oversight, including the final assessment tool, methodology overview, instruction manual, and a public report on assessing compliance and key findings.


The fellowship will span 6 months, with specific milestones and deliverables outlined in the accompanying work plan.

For more information and full Terms of Reference and how to apply, please refer to our jobs portal.

Application Deadline

14 April 2024