Outcome Harvest/MEL Consultant​


5Rights Foundation, supported by Safe Online (End Violence), Responsible Tech Youth Fund and Waltons Trust is advancing its programs. The projects aim to facilitate the adoption or enhancement of child online safety regulations and laws, anchored in age-appropriate design codes and a meaningful engagement of youth in its programmes.

Purpose and need

The expansion of the COS Toolkit, youth engagement programme and the expansion of AADC necessitates a rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure its efficacy and impact. The foundation seeks a skilled Outcome Harvest Consultant or MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) Consultant, specialising in child rights and online safety, to oversee this crucial aspect of the projects.

Scope of work

Design and implementation of outcome harvest plan:

  • Develop a comprehensive outcome harvest plan tailored to the project's unique context in child online safety.
  • Identify key indicators and outcomes that reflect the project's effectiveness in enhancing child online safety.

Data collection and analysis:

  • Implement the plan, collecting data from various stakeholders, including partners, participants, and beneficiaries.​
  • Analyse data to assess the impact and efficiency of the COS Toolkit's application, identifying success stories and areas for improvement.

Reporting and strategic feedback:

  • Provide regular, detailed reports on findings, offering insights into the project’s progress and impact.​
  • Suggest strategic improvements based on data analysis to enhance project outcomes.

Facilitate the independent evaluation of the programmes:​

  • Working with independent evaluators facilitate the evaluation of the programmes.​
  • Support management and teams with use of evaluation reports to continuously adopt its work.

Expected results

  • A robust outcome harvest plan, tailored to the child's online safety context.​
  • Insightful data analysis that informs the project's future direction.​
  • Strategic recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of the COS Toolkit rollout.

Skills and experience required

  • Experience in child rights and online safety.
  • Proven track record in Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) within the context of child protection and online safety.​
  • Proficiency in outcome harvesting methodologies, particularly in international and multi-stakeholder contexts.​
  • Strong analytical, reporting, and communication skills.

Timeline and commitment

The consultant will be engaged for 20 days over 12 months.​

The project will require intermittent engagement, aligning with key project milestones and data analysis needs.​

Application process

Candidates should submit a detailed CV, a cover letter highlighting their experience in child rights and online safety, and a brief proposal outlining their approach to the project. ​​

Applications should be sent via our jobs portal by 21 January 2024.